Switch Your Customers to Sage 50—U.S. Edition!

Sage 50 is for small businesses that are committed to getting the numbers right and making the decisions that improve results. If your customers are QuickBooks® users, encourage them to switch to Sage 50 today for features like internal accounting checks, audit trails, module- or screen-level security, strong inventory management, and robust reporting, so they can have confidence in their numbers!

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“Sage 50 is the best true accounting package in the market for small businesses.”

~Everett Van Hawes, CPA

Converting from QuickBooks is Easy Sage 50 includes a powerful QuickBooks conversion utility that is designed to make it easy for your customers to convert their data. The simple wizard format walks them through all of the steps and will get your customers up and running quickly.1

1 Versions 2009–2011. Excludes conversion of QuickBooks individual payroll transactions. For additional information on conversion limitations, please visit www.peachtree.com/qb